Graphically Speaking (GS)

October 6, 2010 at 1:54 pm Leave a comment

Do you know the difference between a font and a typeface?

What is a color hue, saturation, value, tint or shade?

Do you know what a vector files is compared to an image file?

What exactly is a pixel or a dot when talking about a DPI or PPI? What is a DPI or PPI?

One reason I decided to start my own business is to be able to have more communication with my clients so I can better design for them. However, like every profession, we graphic designers tend to have our own vocabulary that we use and not everyone really understands what we’re saying. Most of the time, we don’t even realize that our vocabulary isn’t part of your vernacular. Instead of asking questions and learning, they pass right on through. If you are someone who doesn’t like to ask questions when a designer rambles on and on about your image resolution, the typography kerning within a ligature or even when discussing commonly used words like logos, identities and brands, then pay attention to these upcoming posts on Graphically Speaking (GS).

The first series of GS posts will focus on the differences between a logo, identity and a brand. These will be weekly posts to help you out! Understand how to speak to your graphic designer and impress them with what you know! Trust me, your meetings will them will go much more smoothly if you are both speaking the same language.

If you have heard a phrase used by your graphic designer that you didn’t understand or if you want an explanation on something you’re heard, comment below and I’ll be sure to talk about that in future GS posts!


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A Little Lesson on Typography GS: Logo, Identity & Brand Part 1: An Overview

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