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…and I’m back!

Sorry for the absenteeism for the end of last week! I’m proud to report that it was well worth it as my team won the 2010 Division 1 AA State Volleyball Championship! I’m so proud of the 13 varsity players and the remaining 8 JV cheerleaders that allowed this season to be such a success! These girls, especially the 3 seniors have been through a lot. In their 4 years, they have had 5 head coaches! If you’ve ever played a sport, I’m sure you know how difficult that can be! All of the girls persevered through it and are now State Champions! If you want to attempt to watch the final match, check it out!

On Friday’s final match, they played the defending champions Red Bank High School from Chattanooga, TN. It was a repeat match from last year, except the outcome was completely different! The Page High School Lady Patriots went undefeated in their post-season play winning 27 straight sets! This is a remarkable feat! I seriously couldn’t be prouder of these girls and wish them all the best in the coming travel season!

Head Coach: Jessica Enderle
Assistant Coaches: Kate Walker & you know me!

Please stay tuned this week as I continue to Graphically Speaking section about logos, identities and brands! Next up: Identities!


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Eat, Pray, Love coming to theaters!!

About two and a half years ago when I was having problems with where I was professionally, socially, physically and emotionally, mom my handed me the book Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. She encouraged me to read it and when I was finished to think back at myself, who I am, where I’ve been, what I want and where I’m going. She admitted that she hadn’t yet read the book, but from what she heard about it, it would really help me understand that I can only control so much about myself. Some things happen for a reason, others happen because you make them or want them to.

Eat Pray Love was a fantastic get-away for me. As Elizabeth discussed her travels and how they helped her to rediscover her love for life really spoke to me. It was fascinating to read this woman’s pursuit of personal self-discovery. After reading this book, so many great things started happening in my life due to my positive attitude. The main ones include marrying my best friend and love of my life, being asked to coach young girls in volleyball and the courage to start my own business as a graphic designer.

Now this amazing book is hitting the big screen!!! With Julia Roberts as Elizabeth (perfect casting!), I’m sure the movie will inspire so many more people to continue to follow their dreams. Look for it in theaters this summer!

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She’s Engaged!!

Just about everyone I know has that one person in their life who really gets them; the person who has known you through your good times and bad, and all the phases in between; someone who can get so mad at you, but let it go because she loves you unconditionally; the person who whenever needed will drop everything to make sure you are OK; the person who no matter what wants to be there for you all the time, every day. I’m lucky enough to have 2… both my sisters, but this is my big sister Stacey (by the way, she may kill me for this post!)

As you can see…. she’s goofy, and I love it! She’s always having a great time no matter where she goes, and she’s always making sure everyone around her is having fun, too. I love my big sister for all she is and all she does.

Life is a blast, and I have another sister to prove it. So, now you know I have an older sister and a younger sister. Yes, I’m the middle child of 3 girls, which pretty much makes me the luckiest person ever! The best part about it, the 3 of us really are best friends! These two girls mean the world to me!

Aren’t my sisters gorgeous?! We have such a great family!

Getting to the point of this post. Sunday evening, I received a phone call that my big sister is engaged!!! Her and her boyfriend have been together for a while now and they have decided to marry! I couldn’t be happier for them! The bonus is that I will finally have the big brother I have always wanted!

Congratulations Stacey and Mark! Enjoy your journey together!!

February 23, 2010 at 4:02 pm 7 comments

Northern Girl’s Guide to Driving in the Southern Snow Storm

View from my Kitchen

If you live anywhere around Nashville, you know how the weather is and how we are projected to accumulate 4-9 inches throughout this storm. Today, I decided to brave the storm and the southern driver to venture out and pick up some invitations from the printer. This was a big mistake as I forgot how people in Nashville freak out and forget how to drive as soon as precipitation begins to fall. Since snow is new for this area of town, I thought I would help out the locals in learning how to drive in this sort of weather. Being from Cincinnati, I am no pro, but I do have more experience.

1. If you are not comfortable driving in the snow… STAY HOME! Everyone is cautious when they drive in snow, no matter how much experience they have. If you are scared, then don’t try to go out. You will not only endanger yourself, but the people around you.

2. Slow and steady is the best way to go; no one will blame you if you are late in this sort of weather. If you hurry to get somewhere, DO NOT speed! You will spin out and will be later than if you would just drive slowly and carefully.

3. Slamming on your breaks turns your tires into skis. Pumping your breaks causes more friction for your car to stop if you are on snow or ice.

4. A “wet” road does not mean a safe road: BEWARE OF BLACK ICE! Black ice makes a road appear as though it’s just wet. I have personally spun out on black ice, and it is TERRIFYING!

5. Avoid overpasses when at all possible. Overpasses have the cold air blowing above and below them. This makes them freeze MUCH faster than anywhere else. Drive even slower on them.

6. Main roads are your best friend & traffic on them in inevitable. The higher traffic on a road, the safer they will be for many reasons. The more cars cause more heat on the roads which help to melt the ice and snow on the street. If you can, drive behind a large truck and stay within their tire tracks. If you spin out, there are more people there to help you.

7. DO NOT talk on your cell phone. You need both hands to drive in this weather.

Those are my words of wisdom. If you have more to add, please leave a comment and let your fellow southerners learn a little bit more about controlling their vehicles in this weather! It’s scary, just BE SAFE!

January 29, 2010 at 6:13 pm 5 comments

We Won!

As much as I’m obsessed with all things designed, I’m equally as fanatical about sports… particularly volleyball. Since moving to Nashville, I had been yearning to get back into volleyball. I met Katie Sundstrom who introduced me to many new leagues and even invited me to coach with her. Our team, Alliance Elite 14 year-olds, had our first tournament this past weekend in Chattanooga, TN and we WON!!! We are so proud of our girls for all of their hard work, and we’re even more excited to see what the rest of the season has to offer. These are the sweetest group of 14 year-olds I have ever met. I feel so blessed to have these girls in my life, keeping me young and making sure I stay focused on the important things in life. Way to go Alliance Avalanche!

I promise to get more design posts up ASAP! Thanks for continuing to read.

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PR Season 7 Starts Thursday!

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am that Project Runway is about to start again! Back in New York from LA! Nina and Michael Kors promises to be on every episode!! Is there a designer you’ll be rooting for more than the others?

Be sure to tune in to Lifetime on Thursday at 9PM for the premier!!!

January 12, 2010 at 11:38 pm 1 comment

Don’t be late!

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland will be released MARCH 5, 2010! I’ve been looking forward to this movie and its all-star cast for quite a while now. A Tim Burton live action and Disney storyline match up…. it doesn’t get much better!

Enjoy these 2 trailers to become equally excited about it!

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