GS: Logo, Identity & Brand Part 1: An Overview

On this first real Graphically Speaking (GS) post, I’m going to begin a four-part discussion about the differences between a brand, and identity and a logo. These are three words that are commonly intertwined and misused, but they have very different meanings although they all relate at the same time. To start off, I wanted to give you a quick little overview of what each of these words mean. In the subsequent posts, I will go into more detail of what each one really is and how it helps your company and business.

It’s probably easiest to help you define them visually. If these basic shapes represent each piece:

then this represents how they relate to one another:

In other words, the logo is part of the identity which is part of the overall brand.

According to Merriam-Webster, each is defined as follows (as closely related to design):
logo: 1. short for logotype; 2. an identifying symbol
identity: 1. sameness of essential or generic character in different instances; 2. distinguishing character or personality
brand: 1. a class of goods identified by name as the product of a single firm or manufacturer: make; 2. a characteristic or distinctive kind

All are very close to the way I would define them. Here at 4th Leaf, they are all defined as:
logo: the physical representation of a company’s name, product name or service name
identity: the essential element, colors, typefaces, images, graphics and patterns used to help visually distinguish the brand
brand: the company/product/service name and everything it represents; the emotional perception generated by a particular company, product or service

Through this, you should see how the logo is the starting point for creating a successful brand. After the logo is designed, then the designer can start to create the company’s identity which then will define its brand.

On the next GS, I will be discussing in further detail what a logo is, how 4th Leaf goes about creating a logo and  how we help our clients define themselves.


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Graphically Speaking (GS)

Do you know the difference between a font and a typeface?

What is a color hue, saturation, value, tint or shade?

Do you know what a vector files is compared to an image file?

What exactly is a pixel or a dot when talking about a DPI or PPI? What is a DPI or PPI?

One reason I decided to start my own business is to be able to have more communication with my clients so I can better design for them. However, like every profession, we graphic designers tend to have our own vocabulary that we use and not everyone really understands what we’re saying. Most of the time, we don’t even realize that our vocabulary isn’t part of your vernacular. Instead of asking questions and learning, they pass right on through. If you are someone who doesn’t like to ask questions when a designer rambles on and on about your image resolution, the typography kerning within a ligature or even when discussing commonly used words like logos, identities and brands, then pay attention to these upcoming posts on Graphically Speaking (GS).

The first series of GS posts will focus on the differences between a logo, identity and a brand. These will be weekly posts to help you out! Understand how to speak to your graphic designer and impress them with what you know! Trust me, your meetings will them will go much more smoothly if you are both speaking the same language.

If you have heard a phrase used by your graphic designer that you didn’t understand or if you want an explanation on something you’re heard, comment below and I’ll be sure to talk about that in future GS posts!

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A Little Lesson on Typography

While going through my back-log of blogs that I like to read, I came across this on from Envelopments discussing the use of type in you work. In the post, there was a great video using kinetic typography to teach some of the basic lessons on typography I learned in school. The video visually demonstrates the differences between tracking, leading and kerning type as well as how typefaces have evolved. It’s remarkably done! Very impressed with this video!

Want to see more videos like these? Check out this link for more examples of kinetic typography.

If you were not already aware, I am an Envelopments dealer/designer. If you are interested in anything you see on their site, please feel free to contact me for more information.

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Featured On ABG!

As a new business, it’s always nice to be recognized on a well respected site. Yesterday marked the second time I was featured on the site Ashley’s Bride Guide (ABG)! ABG is Nashville’s source for all things wedding related. Ashley started the site when she was planning her own wedding. She went to all of the common sites brides typically use, such as TheKnot. Realizing TheKnot only has a general Tennessee vendor list instead of a Nashville specific, she decided to start a site to help out local Nashville Brides.

To have my small little company mentioned on this site means a lot. The first time I was featured was for a vintage inspired bridal shoot conceptualized by Amy Thomas of Swizzle Events. This shoot was amazing and I love the invitations, menus, escort cards, and candy table signs I created for this shoot.

(I will show you more close-ups of my work soon!)

Other Vendors Involved:
photography: Johnathon Campbell Photography
flowers: Rhonda Patton Weddings
lighting: Nashville Event Lighting
desserts: Crumb de la Crumb Desserts
linens: BBJ Linens
rentals: Classic Party Rentals
bridal gown: Romantic Creations
jewelry: Krystal Mann, Stella & Dot
tuxedo: Street Tuxedo

It was such a fun shoot!

The second time I was featured on ABG was just yesterday for the wedding you’ve already seen in so many of my posts. Lauren & Tim’s Nashville wedding at Houston Station was such a beautiful event that the the vendors, the couple or the guests can stop talking about it! Now the word is out and about around town at what an even it truly was. Congrats to all of the wonderful vendors for making is such a memorable day for this great couple!

Yes, that is me in the last picture with the adorable flower girl wearing a dress created by Designs by Sara Marie.

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Creating Options : Lauren & Tim’s Invitations

When a bride and groom have a specific theme they want for their wedding, it’s important that the invitations follow that theme. When Lauren and Tim told me they wanted their wedding to have a real Nashville theme with the printed material to reflect the stylings of Hatch Show Print posters, I was so excited to have fun with these. Hatch Show Print is known for their unmistakable letterpress look; a little rough around the edges, mixed type, full-flushed word lines. They have been in business for 129 years, and their look has hardly changed. It’s completely timeless.

I knew when starting these invitations that I would have to give the bride and groom a couple options because they are a modern, trendy pair, and also very clean-cut, so I knew the distressed look of the posters wasn’t going to be for them. To me, it’s important to give a couple several options to choose from especially when they have a theme. I want to be absolutely certain that I help them follow their theme and communicate it appropriately to their guests.

Here are their “Nashville” styled invites:

The above invite is the top section to a tri-fold invite. The bottom section is perforated so it can be removed to then become a postcard for the response.

Here are your up-close looks at the other two pieces:

Option 2 uses a starburst background pattern and is inserted into your standard pocketfold invitation carrier.

If you’ve been following my blog, you may recognize this style as the look they used for the rehearsal invitation.

They loved this look, but were concerned that it may have been too much for the invitation.

The final option for their wedding strayed completely away from the Hatch Show Print style. When thumbing through my invitations options, Lauren fell in love with an invite that used flourishes as a graphic element. However, in order to bring it to be a little less formal, I changed the typefaces to be a condensed sans-serif to try to incorporate the look they were wanting.



Additional Pieces:

Through this, I realized how important it is to not only give the couple look options within their theme, but to also give them something that can basically relate, but still stick with a classic wedding invitation look. Lauren and Tim chose to use the final option shown. I would have been happy to have used any of them. In fact, if you would like to see any of these options printed, I have assembled each of them!

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Lauren & Tim are Married!

You may have remembered a while back when I posted about Lauren and Tim’s save the dates. Well, now …..


They had a beautiful wedding about a month ago on August 21, 2010. Lauren looked absolutely perfect in her flowing white gown, feather-pinwheel broach and gorgeous feather hair piece. Tim was so handsome in his three-piece black tux. The two of them couldn’t be any more perfect for one another.

But as you know, before the wedding, there’s always a rehearsal. Here are their invitations for the rehearsal and dinner:

Here’s the vendor break-down:
Stationery, programs & posters: 4th Leaf Design Studio (of course!)
Planning: Weddings by Mary Natalie
Location: Houston Station
Lighting: Nashville Event Lighting
Catering: Bacon & Caviar
Cakes: The Bake Shop
Photography: Matt Andrews Photography

The day was perfect, despite the late afternoon thunderstorms that ruined our chances for outdoor photos. Lauren was inspired by her city of Nashville for her wedding since many of her family and guests were from out of town. The day went off without a hitch thanks to the wonderful day-of coordinating of Mary Natalie Hester. The photos of Matt Andrews really help to explain the beauty of the day.

First, here’s a quick look at the invitations…



Onto the wedding and the beauty of the day!

the perfect couple

Here is the poster designed for the event to bring in a little bit more of the Nashville theme. It’s inspired by the Hatch Sow Print style.

Going with the same theme as the poster, Lauren wanted a different look for her programs:


wedding party

On the bar, Lauren wanted to let the guests to know the beverage options while suggesting certain cocktails for them to try. She continued the Nashville theme with Yazoo beer and Jack Daniel’s Whiskey. Since Lauren is Czech and from Dallas, she also offered Shiner’s Czech style beer.

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Find 4th Leaf on Etsy!

Tell all your friends and family that 4th Leaf Design Studio now has wedding invitation designs available for purchase on Etsy!

This means that you will be able to purchase digital files of the artwork all designed and ready to be printed by you! It’s a cost effective way to get the 4th Leaf Design Studio invitation that you want for less! You will be doing the work of printing and producing the final work! If you don’t want the hassle of printing your final designs, no worries! We will still offer to print them for you if that is what you want!

Stay tuned to the site to look for updates, new designs, Christmas cards, thank you cards, etc! I’m so excited to be entering the world of online sales!

Here are a couple of the invitations available for purchase on the shop! Explore the other options as well!

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